High School Air Quality Test
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The DuBois Area High School is closed today and until further notice due to elevated humidity and air quality concerns, according to the DuBois Area School District. The district posted the following alert to their website's home page announcing the closure: According to Dr. Luke Lansberry, DASD superintendent, 14 classrooms have been identified as needing to be cleaned. Lansberry says the entranceways, main office and gym are all safe, according to testing conducted by Mountain Research. HEPA air scrubbers will be installed into the effected classrooms after they have been cleaned, according to Lansberry. The rooms will be sealed off so that the air will be filtered from inside the classrooms to outside. Lansberry says this will keep the rest of the school from being effected. Lansberry says once the rooms are tested again, at a later date, they will be removed. The district says Jeff Tech students and Penn State classes will continue to operate as normal. A volleyball game planned for tonight will also continue on schedule, according to the district. Lansberry also says there are people working in the main office.