Keystone Honda Civic Service Report
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In this week's civic service report is a man putting a new spin on the idea of helping feed the needy as Justin Betti reports you could say it is a real grassroots organization. Or plant roots. Despite growing up in Brooklyn, Adam Clampet has been interested in gardening gardening since he was a kid. " My mother's uncle had a garden in Connecticut and we would go there during the summer and I would always be willing to go into the garden to harvest green peppers or green beans, or whatever that was growing" he got the idea for a community garden while working in hHuntington several years ago but it did not come to fruition until he moved to Bellfonte with his family in 2014. "We went on vacation and came back at I probably had 200 cucumbers. I put it on a stand on the roadside and with a sign that said if you need it, take it if you have it, give it. If you know someone, take more." Two years ago Crops for Christ became an official 501.c.3 donating home grown food to families who need it and teaching families how they can grow food themselves. As you can see, he grows a lot of stuff "right now what is ready are sweet potatoes, the cucumber row did pretty well. We have snap peas, and beets. Some squash. But then also some kale growing. Cilantro which is going to seed. But the seed of the cilantro is coriander." He even has his own bees to help pollinate the crops and said the whole thing is a labor of love. "I love it. Just being connected to the ground as a therapeutic in a sense. It is one of those areas were even though you have a little bit of control, you still have to rely on what god will do." If you're looking to help Adam he takes donations , go to the website cropsforchrist.org