Flood Waters
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As waterlogged homes on the banks of the Casselman River started to dry out Monday, residents began the long process of cleaning up and taking stock of what they'd lost. For the Horning family, that process will take a long time. Their house sits just feet from the Casselman and late Sunday night was surrounded by floodwaters. Daniel Horning, armed with boots and a bright flashlight, stood outside his home in the dark, looking at a river that had surrounded it, filling the basement to the brim and drenching furniture on the first floor. After the rain stopped Monday and the water rushing across Mt. Davis Road was reduced to a trickle, Daniel Horning and his wife, Heather Horning, slowly picked up their belongings including baby furniture for their 4 month old and set them outside. Left behind was a damp and muddy home and a basement filled to the top step with river water. The house, the Hornings think, won't be habitable for a month. "And that's going to be really tough with the baby, It's hard. It's really hard. You just want to go home." "We have each other, though, so that's the main thing" Daniel Horning said. Heather Horning nodded. "That's right."