Frat Member Trials
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A fourth former Beta Theta Pi fraternity member is expected to enter a guilty plea in a hazing case. Michael Schiavone is expected to enter the guilty plea Oct. 22. According to court dockets Schiavone had 14 counts of hazing and one count of recklessly endangering another person held for court. He had numerous other reckless endangerment and alcohol related charges dropped at a preliminary hearing. Schiavone was originally charged in May 2017 with 18 other members in the first round of charges in the death of pledge Timothy Piazza. Three other former members have already pleaded guilty in the case. Ryan Burke was the first person to plead guilty in the case in June. He avoided jail time and was sentenced to probation and house arrest. Joseph Ems and Bo Han Song also pleaded guilty in the case and are being sentenced at a later date. The remaining former Beta Theta Pi members are set to go to trial next year, which was handed over to a new judge Thursday.