Families on both sides of the courtroom were in tears Tuesday afternoon when a jury found Jalen Gibson guilty of first degree murder in the April 2017 killing of Tevin Sitton. The jury deliberated for a little over two hours before delivering the verdict, in which they also found Gibson guilty of a couple of aggravated assault charges and reckless endangerment charges. Outside the courthouse, Sitton's family, including his mother, brother and wife, celebrated the verdict. They were all dressed in white, the color Sitton "got married in, died in and went to heaven in," his mother, Sherry Collier, said. "If you really love your loved one, it don't get easier,And we're not letting him die down. He's going to stay in our heart. Sitton's brother, Dwayne Sitton, said that while the family wasn't exactly happy, they were satisfied with the verdict. "It's been long and emotional. We stood by each other and leaned on each other to this day, We made it through and got my brother justice." Gibson's family was visibly emotional in the courtroom. Some were sobbing as Judge Patrick Kiniry polled each individual juror on the verdict. In an interview outside the courthouse, Gibson's attorney, Ryan Tutera, said he was surprised by the verdict, since he believed prosecutors had not proven beyond a reasonable doubt who the shooter was. Tutera said he planned to appeal the verdict after sentencing, which Judge Kiniry scheduled for Sept. 6. As they left the courthouse, state prosecutors from the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said he appreciated the work of the Johnstown Police Department as well as the conscientious work of the jury. "Tevin Sitton's son can now grow up knowing that justice for his father was served," the prosecutors said. Hours before, attorneys on both sides made closing arguments to the jury, who sat in the courtroom between the families of Gibson and Sitton. There were more than 50 people in the coutroom. Tutera, the defense attorney, argued first to the jury that an incomplete police investigation that allowed contamination of the crime scene and skipped over important evidence led to the arrest of his client.