Homicide Trial
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A homicide trial in Cambria County is underway, for the third person accused of being involved in the 2014 shooting death of Tony Phillips. The shooting happened at Edder's Den in Johnstown more than four years ago. Monday, the jury heard opening arguments and witnesses called to the stand by prosecutors. On trial Monday was Joshua Cambric, the man accused of shooting and killing Phillips on March 30, 2014. Keith Reed was sentenced in March to 20 to 40 years on conspiracy to commit third degree murder. And before that, Jeremy Woodard, who was accused of driving Cambric to the bar that day, took a plea deal. Monday, the prosecution called several witnesses to the stand, including two eyewitnesses. The owner of the bar at the time, Ed Gawel Sr. says he and his girlfriend were leaving the bar when he saw a black man with a gun walk in front of the car he was in. He says that man shot twice into the driver's side of the car and took off. Defense attorney Gary Vitko tried to sew doubt in the jury's eyes during cross examination, pointing out that while Gaywell said he knew it was Cambric in the courtroom Monday, he couldn't identify him before, during a police lineup or a preliminary hearing. The jury also heard from retired Johnstown Detective Sgt. Thomas Owens. He confirmed that there were two shell casings found at the scene. He says one bullet was found lodged in the center console while the other was the bullet that struck and killed Phillips in the chest. The jury didn't see any video surveillance Monday, but it's clear that there is recorded video of the shooting. Judge Linda Fleming told the courtroom she expects a wrap up of evidence Tuesday and closing arguments Wednesday.