Bedford Co. Da Deal
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According to court filings in Bedford County, former District Attorney Bill Higgins accepted a plea agreement April 4, the same day as his arrest. According to the court documents, the plea agreement was signed by Higgins; his attorney, Steven Passerell Tomm Muschler, with the Attorney General's Office and PSP Cpl. James Aughinbaum on April 4. Higgins was charged that day with 31 counts of misconduct in office. That same day, PasserellDetails of the plea agreement were not made public until his formal arraignment May 30. asserted Higgins innocence. As part of the plea Higgins avoided jail time, but lost his pension and his law license. "The perpetrator Higgins has resigned his office, he going to lose his pension, he's likely to lose his law licens and he's pleaded guilty to multiple criminal counts in connection with this case. We've taken away the tools of his crimes his power to do these crimes as DA said Joe Grace spokesman for the Attorney General's Office. According to the plea agreement, Higgins agreed to waive his preliminary hearing and enter a guilty plea to the charges. According to the court filings, terms of the plea would have been revoked if Higgins retaliated against any witnesses failed to comply with the terms of the agreement, filed post sentence motions or appeals or decided to revoke his guilty plea. Higgins is scheduled to be formally sentenced Aug. 17.