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A lantern release was held for a local woman who was killed in a car accident. Olivia Red, 20, died at the hospital Thursday. On Tuesday, Red's family spoke to us about her life and how they will remember her. "She was like no one else. She was a shooting star," said her mother. "She literally cared about every person there was," said her boyfriend Cody Gill. "She died helping someone. So, that's what she would have wanted. Honestly. That�s how Livvy would have wanted it, said her sister Stephanie Urban. Urban said Red was driving a friend home from work Thursday when the accident happened. "She was giving her girlfriend a ride home. Her girlfriend has two little kids. Her fiance was going to come pick her up. Livvy said, There's no way I'm letting him take you or take your babies out this late at night, so come on. Get in the car. We're going," said Urban. Family described Red as kind, giving and compassionate. "People were so drawn to her. She would look for the weakest person in the room and she'd go find them. She would lift them up and make them laugh," said Urban. "She was goofy. She was a patriot. She was kind. Livvy was kind. She was passionate about traveling and children. Anti- bullying was big for Livvy. She would not tolerate it,"" said Delvecchio. Delvecchio said she hopes the community will remember her daughter by the way she lived her life, with passion and fire inside of her, always helping others. If we do that, then we can make an impact on the community," said Delvecchio, "Go sit with that kid in the cafeteria that's all by himself. Walk him down the hall. Buy somebody�s groceries. It doesn't even have to be about money. Smile at everyone. Hug everyone. Be kind. Be good, because that�s who she was." Urban said Red loved to travel. She had visited China Mexico and her favorite, Thailand. "There was never a time she didn't smile, never a time she didn't laugh. She just, when she walked into the room, everything stopped," said Urban. Urban is one of three siblings of Red, who is also survived by Nicole and her younger brother Michael. Red attended Seminole High School in Florida. Red had been a soccer player for years. She moved back to Pennsylvania in December, living in Indiana County with her boyfriend and their dog, Jackson. Family said her fun-loving, goofy personality lit up a room. "Her smile, her dimples, everything was just amazing. Her heart," said Gill. "Kids come up to me and say, We all knew Liv. We never even met her but we all knew of her, because she was it. She was the one," said Urban. Delvecchio said she wants the community to remember her daughter for how she lived her life. "I think the real tragedy here, I mean, her family and friends, we love her and will miss her and mourn her forever, but the real tragedy would be if we let this stay about the death of a beautiful young girl" said Delvecchio. In lieu of flowers, Red's family is asking the community to donate to a local fire department or first responders. "Or, if you want to honor her passion for children Professional Family Care Services on Menoher (Boulevard) could do a lot of good, and Livvy can still make an impact on this community," said Delvecchio.