Westmont Hilltop
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A student in the Westmont Hilltop School District was arrested and charged with threatening to bring a gun to school after being charged less than two weeks earlier with risking a catastrophe at the school. The student, whom police are not able to name because the student is a juvenile, is accused of dropping a lit match on the carpet in the high school building on Jan. 25 Upper Yoder Township Police Chief Don Hess Hess said the student also had more matches in his pocket and couldn't give police a good reason for having them at school. On Monday, Upper Yoder Township police said they received reports that the student was threatening to bring a gun to school. According to Hess, the student had a notebook in which he labeled an area of the school as an ideal location. Hess said that during an interview the student couldn't give police any good reason for that label. According to Hess, the student is currently in a juvenile detention facility in Cambria County as the case works its way through the juvenile justice system. This is the third time that Westmont Hilltop has received a threat since the beginning of December. This most recent threat, which was not reported in a news release like the other two, did not close school. On Tuesday,Hess called for the school district to hire a school resource officer. Hess, who worked for the Greater Johnstown School District as a resource officer for five years, said he would like to see the school district hire a resource officer. Hess said that school resource officers help keep students safe and also help promote relationships between students and police officers. During a brief phone interview Tuesday afternoon Westmont Hilltop School District Superintendent Timothy Williams declined to talk in depth about the possibility of a school resource officer. "These discussions belong in public meetings They do not belong in the media."