Snow Squall System
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One of the biggest concerns with snow and ice is what it means for drivers. A new warning system should let drivers know when snow squalls are in the area. Imagine you are getting into your car, you are getting ready to hit the road, and when you look up, you see tons of snow heading your way. It is hard to see. It is hard to drive in. Now, the new snow squall warnings can be sent straight to your phone to avoid these dangerous situations. The National Weather Service is working around the clock as we prepared for yet another snowstorm. It's new snow squall system is up and ready. The system is designed to inform people during whiteout conditions. The system has not been used in Central Pa. yet, but the NWS says this week's forecast shows a good probability that drivers could see the first alert this week. The National Weather Service wants drivers to stay off the roads in bad weather conditions, to avoid chain reaction crashes at high speeds. Just last year, Interstate 80 saw a 25 car pileup, due to whiteout conditions. The warning system has already been used in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and was successful. "I think those upcoming storms are probably for the first significant snowfall of the season, here in State College. We had one just a couple of days ago with about 4 or 5 inches of snow. This will probably rival that. It will probably be a heavy wet snow." Again, if you are afraid of getting on the road, you can just use your phone and go to the National Weather Service website or any other Weather APP and make sure you turn on the snow squall warnings.