Biggest Eagles Fan
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A local boy is in full celebration mode Monday after the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win against the New England Patriots on Sunday night. Giovanni Hamilton is a Richland Township native and a diehard Eagles fan. He also has an extremely rare medical condition called Schwartz Jampel syndrome. We talked to Giovanni when he was on TLC's "Two in a Million" television series, where he met another young boy from London with the same medical disorder. The total number of cases of Schwartz Jampel syndrome ever reported is under 100, but Giovanni isn't letting the disorder slow him down. "We won the Super Bowl." Giovanni spoke with us via Skype on Monday after the Eagles won the Super Bowl 41-33. He's been watching the Eagles since he was a baby. He said he was overwhelmed when the Eagles beat the Vikings in the NFC championship game to head to the Super Bowl. "Oh The Eagles versus the Patriots, Nick versus Brady, Nick can beat Brady." Giovanni's prediction seemed to be right on target when Nick Foles pulled off the Philly Special at the end of the second quarter. "We were freaking out, so excited. We knew Nick Foles could do a good job." On Monday, Giovanni said he won't let his medical disorder get in the way of seeing the Eagles bring home the Super Bowl trophy. "I'm going to the parade." Giovanni's family said long car rides can be difficult for him, so they're raising money to stay in Philadelphia for the night after the parade on Wednesday.