Pine Glen
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Winter weather is forcing some to begin the new year in a shelter. These arctic like conditions are causing people to lose power. You are in the dark and in the cold. That is what happened in the Pine Glen and the surrounding area. Hundreds of homes without heat. "There was a transformer problem. A lot of residences lost their power. The Pine Glen Fire Hall was open as a warming shelter. They had a backup generator. Fortunately the power problems were fixed within several hours. Everyone returned home safely. But emergency officials are keeping an eye on the forecast "The forecast is calling for lower windchill below zero windchill for the rest of the week. We ask everyone to take the necessary precautions for that." A reminder, new state laws have that are out there that says how long you can leave your pets outside once it drops below freezing. "In this weather you cannot leave your animals outside in these conditions for longer than 30 minutes at a time. It is important that people know that. If someone is violating that regulation, contact your local police agency."