Train Derailment Update
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In Bedford County officials are working to figure out what caused nine railcars to come off their tracks and Hyndman on Friday. This comes less than six months after a much bigger derailment in that tiny town. A derailment in Hyndman a familiar phrase for people there. 32 Cars flew off the tracks catching fire for more than two days. That forced the entire small town of Hyndman to evacuate and kept people from their homes for days if not weeks. This derailment is less serious but more concerning for officials. Dave Cubbison says people need to be ready for crashes and accidents. "I have to tell people along any transportation corridor expect that there will be issues in any place you have movement especially high volume movement of goods and services." Plus as many first responders and reporters remember from the last incident is this, "the fact that there is no cellular broadband services in in the Londonderry Twp. or hyndman Borough area." This derailment was much different. It was smaller. The safety features on the railcars worked properly while absorbing the blow of the crash. "This is the best case scenario with this type of a call, none of the tanker cars have ruptured, they all did what they were supposed to do."