Salvation Army Help
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With temperatures continuing to drop. People are urged that it can be dangerous to be outside. And while many can go inside to get warm, many can't. Cold temperatures can be really scary for people, especially in more rural areas. A lot of people rely on oil to heat their homes and are running out. "I got my heater going now." It wasn't that way a few days ago when Madeline was running out of fuel for her heater. "What are we going to do next." They had already used the fuel they could afford. But they can't go without heat at home in weather like this. "It was 45 degrees here in the house. My husband he's got Alzheimers." Her husband has Diabetes too. So they turned to a last resort. "They brought 100 gallons." How long will that last? "I hope it lasts a month." For the Salvation Army this time of year, things get busy. Cheese, crackers, cereal. It's not just food they have. Snowshoes, warm, long jackets for men and women. Since november 1st, they've given out 160 coats to adults, and 230 to children. They only have 50 left during a tough time for a lot of people. The choices are do you eat or are you warm?