Lakemont Park
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Facebook posts advertising the sale of rides at Lakemont Park have called to question the parks future. The posts, however, aren't showing anything new but have caused quite a stir as the park fielded many calls this morning. We spoke with Ralph Albarano who is the managing partner of the park. He says the rides seen on Facebook are the same ones they were planning to sell when they announced renovations back in March. The park remained closed for the summer of 2017 for renovations. With the park opening for holiday lights this weekend, people are wondering if they will be back next summer. Albarano says the park isn't going anywhere. The planned renovations include selling most of the rides. Albarano says he wants to steer away from what he calls iron rides. But some will stay, such as paddle boats, the roller coasters and the water park will remain. Albarano says he sees the park as a local landmark and tradition. With Blair County being the longtime home of his family, he's wrestling with keeping the park a fun place for families while keeping it affordable and profitable.