More Fraternity Charges
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"Guess what guys? Now we know" Jim Piazza, with his wife by his side said the excuses that have been that members didn't know what happened the night their son died as new surveillance tape was reviewed. Piazza called the actions of the members that night egregiously reckless as Parks Miller said new deleted video that was recovered shows that Piazza consumed at least 18 drinks in under 90 minutes. "They left him to die alone and tried to cover it up. Hazing is illegal and justice needs to be served. It's time to man up fellas and be accountable for your actions. We are making holiday plans without our son, Tim, because of your actions" District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller's announcement of filing charges against 12 new Beta Theta Pi members. Piazza then called out Penn State for not taking a stronger stance on hazing. "The leadership Penn State needs to take a tougher stance and should start by following through within their own proposals. However, I remain concerned" Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller filed charges Monday against 12 new Beta Theta Pi fraternity brothers in the death of Timothy Piazza. The parents of Piazza were in attendance as Parks Miller filed involuntary manslaughter charges against five of the dozen newly named defendants. The defendants charged with involuntary manslaughter are Joshua Kurczewski Ryan Burke, Jonathan Kanzler, Bohan Song and Aiden O'Brien. The seven other new members charged are Joseph Ems, Brian Gelb, Patrick Jackson Reggie Goeke, Donald Prior and Braxton Becker. Parks Miller levied additional charges against five members of the fraternity who had already charged. The new charges come after Parks Miller reviewed surveillance footage from the night Piazza died. The district attorney said the video was deleted, but the FBI was able to recover it. Parks Miller said the new video shows Piazza consuming at least 18 drinks, none of which he went to get on his own, in under 90 minutes on that fateful February night. In addition to the involuntary manslaughter charges, other charges filed include hazing assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering and furnishing alcohol to minors. Becker charged with tampering with evidence on suspicion of deleting the video. After the announcement of the new charges the father of Timothy Piazza addressed the media. He said hazing needs to stop and said Penn State needs to take a tougher stance. An arraignment on the new charges is scheduled for November 28th.