Vets Need Help
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A local group is asking for your help they are waking on projects to make sure local veterans are never forgotten. They say they can't do it alone. We can tell you how you can help. "It is good to keep these in good repair, so people from now until forever can see these memorials and no the dedication they gave." The National Guard and Veterans Association have three major projects they are working on right now. Many monuments have been falling apart or just need a little TLC. These sites are crucial for people here to remember and appreciate history. "Just go down and view what their uncles, or grandfathers did. They can reflect. Some gave everything." Two of the projects are almost finished. They do have one setback. "We have 100 members now. But just like our staff, we are all over 70 years old. A lot of restoration work is physical. We need new blood. We need people who can work." For this group it is about the people. Their memory is set in stone for generations. He says one example is what they called The Mall which honors Congressional Medal winners. "We do have those who gave, a lot of sacrifice. He was wounded, in six different places. Both arms, both legs and in the neck. Eventually he was out of the service. But through his heroics, in the pacific, he saved a company of his men." In order to keep this work going, they need young service members.