Penn State Costs
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Six years ago this month is when the Jerry Sandusky scandal escalated to him being charged with child sex abuse, and coach Joe Paterno and former Penn State President Graham Spanier losing their jobs. A new report Friday said the scandal continues to cost the university. The newly released figures include an update on how much Penn State has paid out to Sandusky's victim's is now well over $100 million plus and another section appears to confirm just last month a settlement was reached with former assistant football coach, Mike McQueary In the newly issued Penn State fiscal year audit, those details included in a section titled litigation and contingencies. For the McQueary case his name not used and the amount of the settlement not disclosed. It follows word earlier this week in court that his legal team filed a motion to close the case. For the Sandusky victim settlements, the figures we saw in last year's report was $93 million to 33 victims. In this latest report, again the details involved are less specific. add another $16 million to the $93 million for a total of $109 million now paid out. The report does not specify how many victims the $16 million covers. This reporting comes as the state's auditor general continues his call for Penn State to further open its books and a local state lawmaker echoing similar comments. As Penn State continues to pay out for the Sandusky scandal, it apparently is not having an impact on the school's ability to raise money just Thursday, University president Eric Barron announced $300 million has been raised in the past year alone.