Fish Kill
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The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is speaking out after dozens of dead fish were found floating in the water at Somerset Lake two weeks after a fish salvage. The fish salvage happened on October 24th in preparation to completely drain the lake and make repairs to the dam and spillway. On Wednesday, a resident us a picture of what appears to be dozens of fish piled up on shore at the lake. Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission press secretary Rick Levis said the dead fish is something that's not uncommon after a fish salvage. "We moved a considerable poundage of carp and shad to the dead holes and eight bowfins were sacrificed. There are quite a few of carp and shad stranded in the lake bottom that were impossible to get to," During the three day salvage, Lorson said 12 trucks moved hundreds of fish to four locations including Shawnee Lake, Glade Run Lake, the Quemahoning Resevoir and Loyalhanna Lake. "Walleye ranged from 16 to 30 inches, with an average size of 24 inches. We estimate around 750 Walleye moved. Bass ranged from 6 to over 20 inches, with numerous ones over 5 pounds. Channel catfish ranged from 8 to over 30 inches, with numerous ones over 10 pounds. Many bullheads were also moved. A couple dozen muskies and tigers were moved to Shawnee Lake. We know of only one pike of about 30 inches. Muskies ranged from 18 inches to 47 inches and 28 pounds. We moved hundreds of crappies, bluegills and pumpkinseeds." Carp were left behind, however, because of its invasive nature, Lorson said. This is something officials stressed would happen before they had the fish salvage.