Marijuana Bust
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Police say they seized about 197 marijuana plants and about 100 pounds of processed marijuana during a search of a Centre County residence October 4th. Officers said they seized the marijuana from 101 Ridge Farm Road after a search of the property its surrounding outbuilding and vehicles at the property after property owner Henry Weight Jr. consented to it. Police said Weight explained to them that he had marijuana in the residence. Police said they found two Rubbermaid totes filled with suspected marijuana and also three boxes of suspected marijuana in the southwest corner of the garage. According to police five totes of suspected marijuana were found downstairs while a container of suspected marijuana seeds a circular tin can of a small amount of marijuana and cash were found above the fridge. A black toolbox containing cash three plants and four boxes of growing lights were found in the top of the garage. When police searched an outside shed they found 52 suspected marijuana plants. Police said Weight took them to three marijuana plots at which they found a total of 145 plants. Weight claimed sole possession of all items and gave a written statement explaining the same. Weight faces charges of manufacturing delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana, small amount for personal use and use possession of drug paraphernalia.