Hit and Run
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A civil complaint has been filed against an Arkansas transportation company for the death of an Elk County man. St. Marys police said that at about 4:45 a.m. October 7th 2016 Alvin Lecker was hit and killed while riding his bicycle on South St. Marys Street near Iron Run Road. The civil complaint filed on behalf of the family, states global positioning satellite data shows two trucks with J.B. Hunt Transport Inc. were on South St. Marys Street at the same time the hit and run occurred. The complaint states one truck successfully navigated around Lecker by moving to the left and continued northbound. Approximately 20 seconds later another J.B. Hunt truck hauling a trailer struck Lecker. The complaint states the truck did not make any attempt to evade prior to striking him and did not use its brakes in an attempt to slow down or avoid him. Lecker was struck with such force that his bicycle helmet was shattered into numerous pieces. The lawyer has requested J.B. Hunt give the name of the driver multiple times. The company claimed that no decision has been made as to who the operator was or even if a J.B. Hunt vehicle was involved. Defendant J.B. Hunt is actively concealing the identity of the operator of the J.B. Hunt tractor trailer. The family is demanding judgment against J.B. Hunt of more than $75,000 plus punitive damages delay damages and costs. Police are still investigating and no arrests have been made.