Prison Lockdown
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The State Correctional Institution at Somerset is on lockdown Pennsylvania Department of Corrections officials said in a press release. According to officials the Department of Corrections and prison officials locked down the prison early Saturday morning because of a facility wide search that officials expect will go into at least Monday. Officials said the search was warranted by a significant contraband discovery outside the prison. Officials believe that contraband was intended to be introduced into the prison. All inmates have been locked into their cells while Corrections Emergency Response Teams from other state prisons do the search, according to officials. Officials said other response teams such as hostage rescue teams were called only to help with the search. There is not a hostage situation Officials said the prison will not run inmate visitation or volunteer programs while the facility is locked down. This is the prison's third lockdown in the last two months. Officials said they expect the search and lockdown to go into at least Tuesday.