School Lunch Issues
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Concerns on social media are spreading quickly about what appears to be issues with school lunches at Conemaugh Valley High School. On Monday Superintendent Dr. David Lehman admitted there was a small bug in a students broccoli at lunch and a rodent in the cafeteria. "Is it acceptable? Of course not." Lehman said the district received information first, about the mouse. "Proper service providers were here within two hours to take care of the problem." We received pictures of food with what appears to be issues according to students one specifically of broccoli with a bug in it. The district said they apologized to the student for the bug in the broccoli and are working to find out how it got there. "At this point to just have the picture. I tried to enlarge it but unfortunately it gets grainy. I don't know what the exact insect was I just know it was very small. I also don't know if it was alive or not." Many of the other pictures the district said they haven't seen. "I don't know what this is." "I don't know. I haven't seen this. Maybe a green bean" "We eyeball stuff If we see something we pull it out. Sometimes some green beans are discolored because it's a processed vegetable." The photos we received appear to be screen shots from Conemaugh Valley students on Snapchat. "This one says it's under cooked." "Alot of our food comes prepackaged and already cooked. To have something undercooked is virtually impossible." District officials said next time they hope students will come to them so they can fix a problem sooner than finding out on social media. Anslinger said the health department will be in on Friday for a routine inspection. "We called the department of health and asked for an independent audit so they can come and take a look and give an inspection here at the high school." The school also released a statement Monday saying The Conemaugh Valley School District takes proactive measures to provide both the students and the community with a safe clean and healthy educational environment. By working with various providers and vendors the District works to make informed changes to the program to take proactive steps to provide a safe and secure environment and to respond to all complaints and concerns." "There is a sense of urgency to rectify the identified concerns. The District routinely cleans and sanitizes all areas exceeding Department of Health standards. The District is working with food providers to ensure a quality product is being served to the students."