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In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, there is a growing bipartisan support for tighter restrictions on bumpstocks, those are tools that allow semi automatic weapons that essentially work as fully automatic weapons. Pennsylvania lawmakers announced a plan Yesterday to make them illegal. But how do they work? We went to a local gun shop Today to find out. In 2010 the Obama administration approved Bumpstocks for sale without any regulation. A Bumpstock, also known by the name brand Slide Fire is an attachment that enables a semiautomatic rifle to fire faster. So how does it work? "The slide stock is installed by removing the factory stock and the grip. Though is still a semi automatic and the trigger still needs to be pulled every time. As you put your finger in front of the trigger the stock will slide back and forth, as that happens you are applying forward pressure on the gun and you keep squeezing the trigger very quickly, that's what gives you the high rate of speed." After the shooting sunday he says the store received multiple calls asking if they sold the attachment. "For a long time we couldn't give them away and they were on sale. And now after this unfortunate tragedy sales picked back up and people are starting to get interested in them." Although they simulate automatic fire they don't actually alter the gun and are therefore still illegal under federal law. Local legislators hope to change that. "I believe it's a good idea to take a look at restrictions on this particular device. The way of circumventing that ability, or the law, and it's always worth taking a look at how they might be used."