Narcan Grants
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First responders throughout the state can now apply for naloxone kits, according to a news release issued Thursday. Gov. Tom Wolf announced that up to 120,000 doses of naloxone will be made available to first responders over a two year period with $5 million in state funding. Intranasal naloxone kits will be provided directly to each approved applicant in accordance with a state procured contract and through a state procured vendor. The kits will include two doses of the nasal spray form of the drug, which officials said will be provided by Adapt Pharma. But, not every police department around the state wants the lifesaving drug. In January, Cambria County District Attorney Kelly Callihan handed out Narcan to every police department in the county except one. East Conemaugh Borough police doesn't carry Narcan after their Borough Council decided not to accept it. Borough Council President Bill Stofko said that's partially because they worry about liability if the Narcan doesn't work, could police get sued. "Police don't have any formal medical training." He also said that because East Conemaugh Borough is so small, they don't need police and paramedics carrying the drug , a decision that wasn't swayed even though every other department in the county uses it. "I don't care what they do, Just because they do it, doesn't mean we should." Applications are Naloxone funding are due November 6th.