Cemetery Cleanup Concerns
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A local cemetery is undergoing what they call fall cleanup where items on grave sites that break rules or regulations are cleaned up before winter. It's an event president Mark Duray said happens every year. Many local community members are upset and told us they didn't know about the clean up and are disgusted their items have been thrown away. Pictures posted on Facebook are what first circulated and caught the attention of hundreds. In the pictures, statues, flowers and American flags can be seen piled up near a dumpster at Grandview Cemetery. Many have commented on the post saying it's upsetting to see their items thrown away and disrespectful the flags are in piles on the ground. Duray said each year they remove items such as plastic, glass, metal trinkets or statues. He said the items can cause a hazard to workers. Items that are allowed are flowers, real or fake, that are connected to tombstones, rather than placed on the ground beside it.