State Budget
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Gov. Tom Wolf put House Republicans on blast Wednesday for failing to pass a state budget. "I've had enough of the games. House Republicans again failed to deliver on a budget agreement.The House Republican foot dragging have led to one credit downgrade already and warnings of more. Republicans in the House, by virtue of their inaction, have handed every single Pennsylvania taxpayer a tax increase." Wolf said since no budget is in place, he has borrowed profits from the state's liquor system. Those profits are expected to raise $1.25 billion and will reduce the need for additional temporary borrowing to pay bills. "Although we have yet to discuss the proposal as a Board or begin to delve into details of a potential arrangement, we pledge to work collaboratively with the Governor's Budget Office to explore a revenue backed contract to deliver significant immediate revenue while capitalizing on the PLCB's longterm profitability." "Too many Republicans in the legislature are more focused on the 2018 elections than on helping Pennsylvania succeed They would rather see me fail than Pennsylvania succeed." "In the absence of a compromise revenue plan getting to my desk, I am taking action to manage our state's finances."