Possible Roundabout
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Officials in Clearfield County are seeking input and opinions from drivers about the possibility of a roundabout circular intersection in DuBois. It would be installed at the intersection of Division Street and Beaver Drive. DuBois City Manager Herm Suplizio said the idea came from speaking with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. "It's a busy intersection, there's been a lot of fender benders there and a lot of times people don't take their turn when they're supposed too." Studies from the Federal Highway Administration and PennDOT agree a roundabout can decrease accidents by almost 75 percent. Some drivers said the roundabout would be confusing for seniors and unsuccessful in a small city like DuBois. Others said it's a good idea, but may take some time for drivers to know how to use it. "For the size of DuBois I think a lot of people would be so confused going around because I've been in them and if you're not familiar with it, it can be touch and go." "It might be a little bit confusing for new driver like me. But if we implement it, I think we can all learn over time how it works and it could be easier on work time traffic and commuting." Suplizio said they've been talking with other city leaders that have roundabouts to determine the pros and cons. He said a traffic light is another option that hasn't been ruled out. "Were not saying we are doing it, we're not saying we are not doing it. We want to get feedback from the people." Those intersted in sharing their opinion can stop by the city building on West Scribner Avenue or call 814-371-5521.