Discolored Water
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In Dubois, people have been complaining about the color of their water which has been described as yellowish or brown. But town officials say the water is safe to drink despite its appearance. Test results from the Department of Environmental Protection came back with normal levels of Magnesium. The mineral is causing the yellow tint. The City Manager is working to get the chemistry right and the levels back to normal. "We here in Dubois take pride in our water and usually it's crystal clear. We will get it back to crystal clear and people have to be patient. It's frustrating. We'll get there, hopefully we'll get there in the near future." The DEP says higher levels of Magnesium are not uncommon in the summer months, and with high levels of rain it makes it more difficult to manage. If you live in Dubois and are concerned about your water you can call the city office.