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The people of Coalport in Clearfield County are spending Friday night cleaning up after a pretty serious flash flood with lasting effects throughout the day. It was a wake up call around 9:00 a.m. That the people of Coalport were not expecting. The roads were covered with water. "It's running off the hills. The banks flooded. These apartments are all flooded. The whole streets were flooded." By the time most of these folks would have been eating dinner, instead they were directing one lane traffic through Main Street. Eight hours later, after getting heavy rain, the streets covered with running water. As Red Cross in the area with outreach teams checking on those caught in the middle of it all. "We have several volunteers out there going door to door. Assessing needs and distributing those emergency supplies." The water coming so fast it gave businesses no time to prepare. "With the water being piled up at the doors, every time we open the doors of course that allowed for the water to keep gushing in." Eventually able to steer the water with makeshift dams. Getting rid of a mess they will continue to deal with for days and possibly weeks to come. "Kind of hard to tell how long we'll physically be here. Will be here through the rest of the day. And then continue as needs pop up." Coalport not the only borough in Clearfield County suffering from severe flooding. Just 12 miles away, Westover Borough, also had an emergency disaster declaration. Issued for flooding there. Crews working as they've been out all day trying to cleanup. One major road completely washed out this afternoon. Some neighborhoods partially underwater and a lot of basements flooded. The Assistant Fire Chief tells us it's likely the worst he's ever seen. "1977 Was the last time we had this kind of flooding. So it's been a long time. I'm 43 years old and I've never seen it this bad before."