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Police are still investigating a criminal homicide after they say a man was shot and killed in a cabin in Bedford County. Very little information has been released about his death this week, but District Attorney, Bill Higgins says he is confident state police will soon solve the case. They have new information, but he says if that is released right now, it may actually blow the case. Higgins says he can't say, nor confirm if the person or people involved in the mans death are still in the local area or if they are in Maryland. He also says he can't say whether he was alone in the cabin or who made the 911 call. Typically search warrants are made public record, but we were unable to get that search warrant for the cabin because it has been sealed. Higgins says that's also for the same reason the sensitive information in these documents he just cannot release yet. "Releasing any of that information would jeopardize the investigation going forward. So I really can't do that, but I can say that based on what we do know, our assessment of the situation is that it is not on on going threat to public safety. I guess because I can't tell you why I can say that, to back it up, I'm going to have to ask the public to trust us on that." We also reached out to state police, they were unable to answer any questions, but did say if anyone has any information to please give them a call.