Piazza Trial Update
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The father of Timothy Piazza now calling for the parents of the 18 defendants charged in his death to take a new role in the investigation. It is part of a statement issued by Piazza after two days of court hearings this week that has left the family increasingly frustrated. Timothy Piazza's father Jim has been a fixture at the courthouse where the preliminary hearing is ongoing for the fraternity brothers who are charged in his death. Police say the death is due to Piazza drinking heavily during a pledge event at the frat house and suffering serious injuries after falling down steps. The fraternity members waited more than 12 hours to call for help. Jim Piazza has been visibly upset in court at times and a new statement says he is very disappointed by the testimony. Is also calling for help from the defendant's parents urging them to talk to there's sons. An attorney for the Piazza family said they are dedicated to changes being made in the fraternity system. "To know and understand that this is unacceptable behavior. You cannot allow somebody to die, you cannot bring them to alcohol poisoning within minutes and then expect to have no consequences." Two of the fraternity members charged have already waived their preliminary hearings. Now one of them is an arraignment on charges of tampering with evidence, Gilmartin notifying the court he is pleading not guilty, but is not indicating if he wants his case to go to trial.