Open Records Lawsuit
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A judge ruled in favor of Cambria County in an open records lawsuit filed by a Johnstown man. The Judge Tammy Bernstien ruled the County complied with an office open records determination of the county records. John Debartola filed the lawsuit in December in an attempt to get certain records from the Cambria County Child Development Corporation. He wanted the names of the employees and money provided by the county to the organizations. The C.C.C.D.C. Has a contract through the county. Not the only story with the right to know requests. The Commissioners approved the hiring of a special counsel for the District Attorney's office. They hired Calvin Webb on a $10,000 contract for the rest of the year. Bill Barbin said that will deal with a right to know request to the DA's office about administrative and financial records. "Previously allocated $10,000 for special outside council for the District Attorneys office. That is the cap and that has been communicated that, that is the cap for services." Barbin says the contract is capped at $10 thousand dollars. He says the attorney was hired by the County, for the County, but chosen by the DA's office.