New Drug Pouches
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A new State initiative has been unveiled to try to fight the growing opioid epidemic. The Attorney Generals office will be distributing thousands of deactivation and disposal pouches across Twelve Counties. These pouches can deactivate up to 45 unwanted pills by simply adding warm water. That includes Percocet, Oxycodone and Fentanyl. Attorney General Josh Shapiro has said his office will be supplying 300 Thousand of these to the Counties hardest hit by the epidemic. He said about 80% of addiction starts with prescription drugs. "These are pouches for people to be able to take the medication out of their medicine cabinets, dump them in, mix them up with the solution in there. It destroys the drugs and they can be thrown out in an environmentally safe way. This is a really important part of our effort to combat the epidemic. The fewer drugs we have in those medicine cabinets, the better chances we have to be able to stop someone from becoming an addict." Two Hundred and Seventy Eight local pharmacies will now be able to provide pouches to their customers and anyone who requests them.