Sewer Lawsuit
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A lawsuit filed against the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority and Westmont Borough. It's about whether the authority is allowed to operate the sewer system, which is currently does for 20 municipalities. Westmont puts a requirement on people when they move out of their homes. A mandate by the State requires the sewage plant and the lines that feed it be upgraded. Doctor William Choby has taken legal action. His complaint is that when he moves he will have to do costly tests and retrofitting on his sewer lines. Something he says people in nearby townships don't have to do. Under Pennsylvania law, they are not allowed anything with the sewer system. "I think they should come up with a better solution that would work better than the hodgepodge they have now." The Redevelopment Authority claims the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission gave them permission to run the sewer system. They head of the Redevelopment Authority says this lawsuit is without merit. "We have done our due diligence to assure all legal standards were met. " If the lawsuit goes through they would make a new authority to deal just with the sewer system. Even with that, it would not guarantee the move out