Gov. Wolf Visit
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The Governor was in town for the second time this Month focused on talking about the opioid epidemic and guidelines on prescriptions. The Governor has seen the problem firsthand. "I had no pain after my procedure for prostate cancer but I had a prescription for 30 days worth of Oxycontin. I didn't even need an aspirin. That's the problem. People get excessive prescriptions and then get addicted. Someone's coming back four weeks later saying I need more pain medication is a dangerous thing." He hopes the guidelines will help doctors see that. They are recommending orthopedic doctors keep a closer watch when assessing pain. They also assess how long they can be prescribed these medications. An emergency medicine physician thinks these guidelines can help. "It's hard to identify those that have acute pain versus chronic pain versus those that may be drug-seeking." Others talked to the Governor and said there needs to be more communication between departments. "We are beginning to work together in the area and it is something that historically has not been done. " The Governor is hoping for more talk on the medical side about these prescriptions. "We need to make sure the way your body works and the need that you have does not turn you into an addict."