Saint Patricks Day
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Its St. Patrick's Day and one Iirish pub, Molly Mcguire's was packed. They were served traditional Irish meals. This year it falls on Friday and Bishop Bartchak didn't give a dispensation to eat meat but that didn't stop some from taking it in. You have to have your bangers and mash and the authentic Irish breakfast at Molly Mcguire's. It is amazing. You don't have to eat meat, though. You can be a vegetarian. Molly Mcguire's will be open until 2 Tonight and open back up Tomorrow. Tonight authorities are offering a message of caution if you plan to be going out with it falling on a Friday, they expect more people to be out celebrating than past years. That's why local police chiefs, Penndot teamed up to remind people not to drink and drive. You could take a life including your own and you could face expensive fines and punishments. There's always just another way to get home. "It's a choice. People have a choice. They do not have to get behind the wheel of a car and drive under the influence." Police say to have fun but make sure to request an Uber or call a cab Tonight.