Prison Funding
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The Cambria County Prison has a budget of $10.5 million each year. A new deal with help reduce the amount out of the taxpayer's pockets. The prison has had a relationship with Immigration Customs Enforcement or ICE since 1997. They hold immigrants for ICE and receive money for holding them. That can offset the expenses for the prison. Previously about ten ICE detainees could be held each day. Under new terms up to 50 are allowed a day. That makes a big difference to the bottom line. "We get $70 per day per detainee. At an average of 50 for one year that's $57 million to offset our budget and that's a big savings for the taxpayer." The jail is almost at full capacity. Almost all 500 beds and temporary housing are full, but officials say it's an ideal location and plan to continue to expand the amount of detainees in the future.