Trial Sentence
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Today a Johnstown man was sentenced to life in prison one day after being found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend two years ago. David Johnston stabbed and killed Allison Vaughn in 2015. It happened after Vaughn refused to give Johnston her debit card to buy crack cocaine. He offered signs of remorse before the sentencing when reading a letter to Vaughn's family apologizing. Prosecutors had planned to seek the death penalty. After a last-minute decision the plan was changed. "I believe in the ten commandments. Thou shalt not kill. I couldn't be a part of that." Another example of the drug epidemic affecting the reason. Johnston's mother was addicted to crack cocaine and was killed by her boyfriend when she was young. Both sides agreed the trial was a prime example of how drug abuse is affecting families every day. "It's tough, you know, to realize in our community that drugs are plaguing so many different people." Vaughn's family has educated communities and families across the region since her death on the issues drugs can bring. They said they're satisfied with the decision made Today.