Salt Use
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Municipalities were saving big money on the usual winter weather expenses. Plowing, anti-skid materials for roads. Even after our big storm there is still funding and materials available. Util this week snowplows barely needed and plenty of material is on hand. "We were able to meet our quota on our bid and we have enough to get us through to spring and enough for this fall. Many buying salt through the state's bidding process. There is a minimum amount they need to purchase. "We are well below even the minimum amount of salt that we were -- we contracted to receive so we were actually very full as far as our bins. So this storm will help us, you know, get some space available to finish out our contract minimum amount. The warm winter has been a big cost savings and gives managers an opportunity to use revenue elsewhere. "That is where we save. Over time savings and savings in road salt. So we are able to shift some funds to actual construction projects. Do a few more storm drain repairs and road repair work this coming summer." Salt is $55 a ton. Many buy several hundred tons at a time.