Trial Verdict
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Verdict in the case against David Johnston, the Cambria County man accused of killing his girlfriend Allison Vaughn while high on crack cocaine. He was found guilty this afternoon. "I feel great. This nightmare is finally over. I have been praying for this. " A longer wait for Allison Vaughn's family. Two years since she was killed by her boyfriend, 37-year-old David Johnston. "He was with my daughter but I think the wool was pulled over my eyes." Allison Vaughn's father met David Johnston three times before his world was flipped upside down two years ago and got the knock on his door he never expected. "I would love to see this man put away for life where he could never harm anyone again." On Friday a recording was played in court with who police identified as David Johnston describing what he did to Allison Vaughn the night it happened. He smoked crack cocaine and drank wine and he put a knife to her throat and demanded the pin number to her debt card and he restrained her and then stabbed her twice when she started to struggle and wrapped a cord around her neck. Now in court this week with no emotion. "He deserves an academy award for his performance within the last 5 days. The verdict Wednesday was exactly what the family was looking for. Saying justice was served. "I feel good. I feel like singing and dancing. Alison would start dancing and singing. She might be doing that right now. We got justice for her Today. I mean, this was for her."