Heart Health
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Snow shoveling is an intense physical activity. Gets your heart rate up and blood pressure up and that and these cold temperatures could create the risk for a sudden heart attack. An activity almost everyone does during the winter but snow shoveling can strain the heart enough to cause a heart attack. "Heart attacks are more common in cold weather and probably snow shoveling is the common activity that many people are involved with." It is a common occurrence he has seen. Mainly because cold weather on the heart is more stressful than warm weather. "One reason may be the blood pressure tends to go up very high in cold weather. On top of that, if you are exerting yourself you can put a lot of strain on the heart and the blood vessels." Although everyone could be at risk for a shoveling related heart attack people who are older, people with a heart disease and those inactive should be cautious. But it is not just snow shoveling. He has seen heart attacks from cold temperatures in hunters. "When the weather is cold they are out in the woods. Perhaps dragging a deer, you have the same situation of heavy exertion in cold weather. We see our hunters having heart attacks while hunting . Shovel in increments and use something to help you like a snow blower or plow.