Liver Transplant
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An Elk County woman surprised an old friend with a gift of a lifetime on Valentine's Day. A liver. Bridget Mcclure has the story of one woman's Valentine's Day surprise for her friend who is in need of a transplant. "What are you doing march 13?" "Nothing. Why? " "Would you like to have surgery?" " What? " "Would you like to have surgery? I'm approved." The gift of a lifetime. Tony Pearson suffers from a genetic fatty liver disease Due to her age, doctors say she needed a living donor. "Just put a little blurb out on Facebook and said anybody out there have O Positive, or O Negative as long as it is O" they worked together on and off since they were young. "Felt like the right thing to do. Never second-guessed it. Still not second-guessing." "God bless Sally. I've known her forever. But it's been a couple years since I've seen her. It's one of those friendships that you just pick up where you left off." "There's no hesitation." Tuesday when sally broke the news with a card that read, my liver is all yours. "Sally came in and she was a little more teary than normal then I was -- and she said what are you doing March 13?" The women will travel to Pittsburgh together on March 13 for the transplant. "It's been an emotional journey but I'm so proud to be part of it and so grateful. Thank you, Sally."