Sanctuary City ?
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People in Bedford County were surprised to find out their county was on two lists of Sanctuary City areas. County officials were just as surprised to hear that as they were. They say they tried not to be a Sanctuary city but still got put on those lists because of an old policy they say they weren't following. "Screwy. I don't know how you explain this." That's how the Bedford Sheriff responded when I asked him to explain this Sanctuary City situation. He says he didn't want the county to be a sanctuary for people in the country illegally. "I have no idea why this crazy definition was applied to our county." They were put on two lists of sanctuary cities. Turns out that was because of an old policy at the jail. The policy said if U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement asks Bedford County to hold on to someone in the County Jail that was here illegally, someone who didn't have any other charges, they wouldn't do it. But not only was that policy not being enforced, the D.A. says they did everything they could to work with immigration officials. "You're not safe here if you're here illegally." They have changed that policy here at the jail. They now say if ICE asks them to hold on to somebody, they will. As long as they can. They changed the policy two weeks ago to make clear "we've never been a sanctuary city. We're not now a sanctuary city. We're not going to be a sanctuary city."