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We don't cover middle School Athletics very often and the middle school basketball team at Conemaugh Township didn't win a title or qualify for the playoffs this year. They did however take advice from a brand new coach and she set out to accomplish something they believe is much greater. For the new basketball coach the focus is on the fundamentals. When she took this job at Conemaugh Twp. Middle School the first thing she did was add some inspiration to her new office. "This sign, Seize The Day, is about reminding everyone." There's one piece of advice she's putting in play. "This sign is important to me. It says be somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody." For the coach that somebody happens to be on her very first team. " When she said I'd love to have Tia on our basketball team. I was like she can play for us." This is Tia Cook, a 7th grader who can score like the rest of them. "I just cried because for her to be out there with the other girls, playing." Tia had some physical setbacks when she was born but in this kind community it's a level playing field. "Why do you like it so much here at Conemaugh Township? They always cheer for me." Tia has played all season and in this final game coach is putting her in one more time. "We've had not that great a season. We turned it into making it fun and making memories." "Like we wanted to get across this year is no matter who you are you can be a part of this team." These young basketball players say they want to play high school ball someday. Thanks to a wise coach and a teammate named Tia they got the basics. Pitchers and Catchers are officially reporting to Pirate spring training Today and they threw their first bullpen sessions. The manager is excited about this pitching staff, he says they have a great mix of youth and veteran leadership. "I like the experience. I like the guys and the like the options. Whether it be a starter, the guys felt the same way." The position players will report of a the next few days. First full team workout is Friday.