Valentines Day
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It's Valentine's Day and florist across the nation work nonstop to finish orders today. It was the same florists in our area. We visited a local shop as it prepared. It's that time of year again. "Good morning Flower Barn." The season of love. "One dozen roses. We can help." Just like every February, it's one florists are busy. Snipping, clipping and arranging each order for Valentine's Day. "We are actually the longest, continuously running business at the same address in Cambria County." The Flower Barn has been around for more than 130 years. It takes one of these to get the job done. "There is really no substitute for but you florist to walk into a flower shop and to look and feel and smell." Philip has been a professional florist for 40 years. " When I started Johnstown had more flower shops." He tells us it's a shame how many shops have closed "it's sad because they were part of the economy and a kept the money in the community." He says it's important to support locals instead of buying online. " Nothing beats the experience of going into a flower shop and talking to a professional florist." You get ideas of possible flowers, colors, anything that may be unique to that person. "Philip, you shouldn't have." Whether it's Orchids, Carnations or Roses, Philip tells us every bouquet is customized for that special someone.