Sexual Related Charges
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One of Jerry it Sandusky's sons is in jail, arraigned on child sex related charges involving two teenage girls. It was one of the first questions this afternoon is this in fact one of Jerry Sandusky's sons? State police confirming for us that Jeff Sandusky is one of Sandusky's adopted sons and they also revealed they've been investigating Jeff Sandusky for several months after one teenage girl told police that Sandusky tried to have sex with her and another says Sandusky asked her for nude photographs. 41-Year-old Jeff Sandusky seen with the orange collar moments after being arraigned Monday on a dozen child sex related felony charges along with other criminal accounts. It was late last year when police say a 16 year old girl reported Sandusky asked him to send him nude photos of herself and that lead to another 15 year old who says sandusky tried to have sex with her. The girls eventually turned the text messages from Sandusky over to state police and including one where he reportedly asked them to delete the messages and not to tell anyone. During the arraignment Monday Sandusky was saying very little except to tell a judge he understands the charges against him. He was accompanied by his mother and his attorney Lance Marshall who had nothing to say after the hearing. Sandusky's bail was set at $200,000. Jeffrey Sandusky again now in the Centre County jail on $200,000 bail and he has been suspended from his job which ironically is as a prison guard at the state prison in Centre County. His attorney Lance Marshall is a former Assistant District Attorney her in Centre Co. Sandusky's preliminary hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday.