Tax Protest
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Local school districts say they're alarmed over a possible state law. They say it would take away much of their control over their finances. Local districts say they get much of their funding from property taxes. If the bill passes, they say a consistent source of revenue could be threatened. "I think it's haphazard. That's the Richland School District's Superintendent's opinion on the Property Tax Independence Act. He says it will make it more difficult for his district to pay for things they need. "Our business is students and people forget that. Our kids come in at different levels and leave at different levels. The proposed bill will lower property taxes for many people, but raise the sales tax. "This attack on public education in my mind, this is nothing more than more of an attempt for forced consolidation of schools. The Westmont School District released a statement saying, quote, this type of change would restrict local control of tax dollars. It could also mean dollars collected locally potentially could be reallocated to other parts of the state. In State College, the school board president says local school boards know what's best. "We live in the community, we interact with our constituents on a daily basis." "I think we're doing a pretty good job and I think public education is for everybody."