Veterans Breakfast Held in Johnstown
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A special breakfast held this morning in Johnstown for Veterans across the region. The event was sponsored in part by the Veterans Community Initiative locally and the Breakfast Club, a non-profit organization from Pittsburgh. Organizers say they come across many Veterans who have served in wars and never told their stories. The Breakfast Club wants to make sure that doesn't happen anymore. They say the event also helps to create a sense of healing. Many of our events we have Vets tell their stories for the first time ever, stories they haven't even told their families, so getting them together in a comfortable, accepting environment is really important to have them share the stories. Just hearing the stories, some want to tell their stories, some just want to listen. I think it really helps to bring them together, to be with other Vets and feel like they share in the same experience. More than 70 Veterans turned out. Organizers hope to hold similar events in the near future.