Johnstown Pit Bull Attack
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A Johnstown man is recalling the night when he says two dogs attacked him. Despite much speculation, Bobby Williams says he was minding his own business walking home on the sidewalk when it happened. And the Police are also sticking with that story by now filing charges against the owner of the dogs. Bobby Williams is still recovering a month after he says he was attacked by two pit bulls while walking along Pine Street in Hornerstown. The Police showed up and shot and killed one of the dogs while the other one was wounded. Williams said he was not breaking into their house as many have speculated and he said what he was really doing. Savanda Triplin has been charged with eight summary citations for harboring dangerous dogs, failing to keep them confined to her property in addition to license and vaccination violations. She was not home on Friday but we talked with her mom who said they had the dogs, one of them know as Vishous, for nearly eleven years and never had any problems adding that Williams had to have been in their home because they did not let the dogs out and there was no way for them to open the doors themselves. Williams adamantly denies their allegations.